103.7 FM


Kane FM has organically evolved from being a pirate radio station to its present legal status of a not-for-profit Community Radio Station based in Guildford and broadcasting the surrounding area via 103.7 FM and through the internet stream; it is also available on ipad and iphone.

Kane is only the third pirate station in the UK to gain legal status through OFCOM. The original artists have worked tirelessly over a period of about 12 years to reach the stage Kane is at today. During that time they have recruited approximately 120 volunteers that enthusiastically give up their time to make the radio station work. About 25% of those volunteers are presently unemployed and Kane is giving them opportunities they would otherwise not have.

They have also worked together to put on numerous events to raise the profile of the station and prove its worth as a radio station. They have been supported by Guildford Borough Council and other local agencies and have obtained Lottery Funding and local funding to set up and start broadcasting.

Kane FM is about underground bass music that is not presently aired on other local stations.

Description of Radio Service:

Kane FM is a unique community radio station mostly run by volunteers. Kane FM provides a platform for new musical talent; addresses inclusion and engagement of young people with numerous special needs by encouraging them to join in, even if only listening.

Kane FM aims to reduce anti-social behaviour of groups or individuals living in the borough by encouraging participation and opportunities for volunteering.

Kane FM’s programmes aim to improve technical, social, cultural and artistic skills, appreciation and opportunities of the arts; teach or mentor music production, journalistic and broadcasting skills; build confidence, team skills and self-esteem to all involved improving employability and other life chances.

Kane FM aims to build the capacity of Kane’s community to be sustainable and represent the widest cross section of the community.

All revenue from advertising, funding appeals and fund raising events go back into the running of kane fm and its projects.

Our Mission Statement:

We are a not for profit organisation that works tirelessly, creatively and positively. Through independent music we work towards breaking down barriers within the community, engaging young people in culture and the arts through the medium of radio.

We play independent music and act as a platform for DJs, producers and presenters who otherwise would struggle to break into the industry.

We work in partnership with other organisations to enhance the skills and life chances of hard to engage young people.


  • Music and broadcasting platform and education hub
  • Community integration through music and local broadcasting
  • Engaging the culturally underrepresented and socially deprived
  • Giving those not engaging in the main stream activities a voice
  • Improving community cohesion
  • Planning to deliver alternative learning programmes for unemployed youth and those at risk of offending