The Anti-Celebrity Show

By-Weekly Show produced by Nomis Kane and CJ Dread. Mainstream Media creates fodder for a generation that likes to watch itself resulting in certain elements of society evaluating themselves against inaccessible so called role models. Being a celebrity, being famous or notorious or infamous… pushing people into the limelight only to rescind them into the abyss… A form of modern day sacrifice. Voyeurism or exhibitionism of social networking. Should we not look to the REAL role models in this shattered society?

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The Anti-Celebrity Show moves to a different time zone with a new dimension. Saturday Afternoon 3-5pm on Rotation with the Elements Radio Show. Check out this weeks show as we will be airing the brand new album from Tall Black Guy coming out 20th May. A man from humble origins in Detroit, raised on a healthy diet of Motown, Jazz and early Hip Hop. Also some new exclusive cuts from Alix Perezs’ new LP Chroma Chords. Also featuring music from Jon Convex, Pharaohs, Com Truise & 4-Hero.


Amoss LIVE, recorded 23rd April @19:00hrs. Ohh GOSH! the last installment 23rd April we were joined by two Guys with a passion for music and the lonely abandon of the Herefordshire countryside. Joining Nomis & CJ Dread to talk about the current state of underground music, how it’s being adopted by the mainstream and digital dj’ing opposed the traditional ways. We got the Juice for you the people… So who are Amoss?

Amoss tell us about their first signing ‘Glurg Monster’ to Cyclone Recordings 2010 and their 2011 release on Renegade Hardware. We speak about influences; especially feeling early dnb tracks from artists like Source Direct, Photek, dBridge, Loxy & Isotone, Nosia and Ed Rush & Optical. Talk about NEW Amoss works coming on Horizons Music and forthcoming releases. + Exclusive MIX

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The Anti-Celebrity Show – String Music Special, recorded 19th March @19:00hrs.

photo(2)We planned to keep things aligned with the ‘Guildford International Music Festival’ on the show but due to circumstances our Guest’s ‘Santiago Quartet’ were not available… We did however still use the show to celebrate the diversity and power of ‘strings’ in all forms of music… featuring music from 4-Hero a classic from Bjork and the unique vocals of ‘Sabira Jade’ with a Frameworks Joint. We also featured cuts off the new ‘Think & Change’ 5 piece Box Set from the Non-Plus Camp… fresh out the week of Broadcast, this includes new cuts from Joy Orbison, Instra:mental & dBridge.

Also hear the Story of Lloyd L. Gaines, born in Mississippi…who in the 1930’s was denied access to the University of Missouri School of Law because he was African American. This is a story about a man standing up for freedom and equality. We also spill some information on The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which is available for you to read and digest. Respecting all the brothers & sisters across the world.

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Subject 13 – 7pm G.M.T Tuesday 19th Feb 2013

subject13This episode features music from Gregory Porter, Marc Mac, Jordan Rockswell, FourTET, Quasimode and of course our guest. Recorded 19th February… 2013; we slid into the second show of the YEAR with someone we have respected for many years; to quote the late great REV. Jesse Jackson “Today is a beautiful day; a new day, the day we are together under one roof”. Dave ‘Subject 13’ Stewart tells us about a his life work spanning over 20-years running record labels and putting out music on Dread Recordings, Creative Source, Basement Records, Mix & Blen, State Of The Art Recordings & Soul Food to name a few… Growing up in Hoxton, London he spills the stories on the early days of Drum & Bass, travelling the world through the music. We also talk about recording music at 432 hrtz, new projects, vision and the importance of history.

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Thank You Machine – 7pm G.M.T Tuesday 15th Jan 2013

We started the NEW YEAR with a special; We had a representative from Thank You Machine in to tell the people about a collaboration between a collective of London producers and a recently discovered musical engineering experiment from the 1950s.

Donald James was the representative but the group is made up of three other people… Mr O, MR A & MR N.

Donald set’s the scene and explains the type of building and the reaction of the people when they came across the room…. “Something akin to the Radiophonic workshop springs to Mind…. He also talks about the Range of Artists on the project.

Found in an unopened room of a research facility in North West London, the primitive music technology has been renovated and used as the basis of this new project. When feeding the sounds derived from the machine into a modern studio set up, one 10-second snippet of sound resonated with the producers – as they recorded it in the waveform on the screen spelled out the words ‘Thank You Machine’. Whether it was a quirk of fate or a calculated move from the original scientist, that was the moment that Thank You Machine was born.

Donald also lets us hear some exclusive material including an Unreleased Remix of ‘So Long’ Feat. Sally Johnson and Unreleased Remix ‘Between the Lines’

This collective have produced their first product of the project, incorporating guest vocals and live instrumentation from the unorthodox sounds derived from the Thank You Machine. This takes in digital electro hip hop on ‘Computerised’, the liquid crystal smoothness of ‘Four Corners’, the Glitch Pop of ‘So Long’ and the spacey dub of ‘Between the Lines’.

There is a 30min Guest mix in there for good measure too which illustrate the groups influences..

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Errol Francis aka Dextrous – 7pm G.M.T Tuesday 18th Dec 2012

THE Christmas edition of the show went back in time to 1987; DJ Errol Francis aka Dextrous started playing at parties and small clubs in 1987 and around this time he began putting his studio together all configured around the Atari 520STFM, Casio HT3000 keyboard, Casio CZ-101 Synth and a Yamaha TX7 Sound Module… He dropped his first record in 1992, on Ruff Quality Recordings (the sister label of Shut Up and Dance Records) entitled Ruffneck Biznizz which topped the Kiss FM House Charts) and was one of the precursors to the Jungle Scene, with its sped up breakbeats and reggae/dub bass-lines

Dextrous the composer and producer; born and bred in North London’s Stoke Newington area; same school as DJ Hype as well as Smiley and PJ from the group Shut Up and Dance, he played Jams at school discos, played the trumpet in the brass band, and sang in the school choir…..

After a while the man with a plan decided that he wanted to have more control of his creative output so came with his own label ‘King of the Jungle Records’ with Rude Boy Keith who was working for Shut Up and Dance at the time.

Dex and Rude Boy Keith became a DJ and MC double act that travelled widely, spreading their sound through Dubplate Specials and spinning their latest vibes and soon the pair signed to Suburban Base to release ‘Da Kings of the Jungle trilogy’. He also touched down Sunday mornings on Kool FM

In 1995 DEX launched two further record labels, Subversive Recordings (formerly Subliminal Recordings) and State of the Art Recordings with partners Paul Brown and Jon Stewart; this permitted Dex the creative freedom to express his jazz roots. A new collective was formed ‘Solid State’ and have in the past been credited to be one of the pioneers of the ‘Liquid Funk’ sound….. coming with different vibes including jazz, dub, Detroit techno, garage, funk and reggae.

Solid State recorded for Fabio’s Creative Source label as well as Renegade Recordings and Alan McGee’s Eruption Records (Creation Records’ sister label).

Dex is the only producer within the Drum and Bass scene to have been awarded the prestigious Ivor Novello Award which he gained this for his soundtrack to the BAFTA Award winning documentary Feltham Sings. He was also nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for Best Original Music for TV in 2003.

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