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High Sheriff – Crimebeat Award


The Kane Youth Projects collected an award from The High Sheriff last week and co-ordinator of the project Jenniann (Mother Hen) took three young people with her. Below is an account from two of them.

Last Thursday we went to Exxon Mobil to collect a Highly Commended Award for “Crimebeat”. It was a great experience, and very inspirational hearing about what others are doing for young people.

We had a stand with a banner showing that we were representing Kane FM 103.7 with a few leaflets explaining what we were all about. We spoke to many different people, the High Sheriff being one of them. We spoke to them about what it does for the young people and how being here as helped us all individually and what we enjoyed most about being here. People walked around the room and came and went to all the different stands, there were a couple of presentations spread out over the time we were there from other projects. We didn’t do a presentation because we didn’t feel quite confident enough. It was an amazing experience, and we all really enjoyed it.

Samantha Jones

Last Thursday I attended the Crimebeat awards with Kane FM. It was an interesting experience, and included a lot of social interaction; something I’m personally not too fond of, especially in large groups like at this event. However, it was somewhat self-building as well because it kind of forced me to put myself out there and try to think quickly, and explain myself and what Kane is about to some of the people there.

The evening overall, aside from the busy parts, was somewhat relaxing and pleasant. Working as a team with Sammy, Katie and Jenniann was, a bit fun in general, and even made me feel a bit more at ease, knowing I didn’t have to say too much.

As for the event, if anything, I’m glad Kane got publicity from it, which is something you can’t really go wrong with; especially as a radio station. The people at the event presented themselves nicely in both appearance and attitude, which fortunately made the whole speaking part a hell of a lot easier.

I’d hope that we all did a good job of representing Kane and added evidence that the project is a good one.

Aaron Burt

Kane Youth Projects is sponsored by Guildford Borough Council’s Project Aspire, High Sheriff and PCC.