Between the linesOn the 15th January 2013 The Anti-Celebrity Show started the NEW YEAR with a special; We had a representative from Thank You Machine in to tell the people about a collaboration between a collective of London producers and a recently discovered musical engineering experiment from the 1950s.

Donald James was the representative but the group is made up of three other people… Mr O, MR A & MR N.

Donald set’s the scene and explains the type of building and the reaction of the people when they came across the room…. “Something akin to the Radiophonic workshop springs to Mind…. He also talks about the Range of Artists on the project.

Found in an unopened room of a research facility in North West London, the primitive music technology has been renovated and used as the basis of this new project. When feeding the sounds derived from the machine into a modern studio set up, one 10-second snippet of sound resonated with the producers – as they recorded it in the waveform on the screen spelled out the words ‘Thank You Machine’. Whether it was a quirk of fate or a calculated move from the original scientist, that was the moment that Thank You Machine was born.

Donald also lets us hear some exclusive material including an Unreleased Remix of ‘So Long’ Feat. Sally Johnson and Unreleased Remix
‘Between the Lines’

This collective have produced their first product of the project, incorporating guest vocals and live instrumentation from the unorthodox sounds derived from the Thank You Machine. This takes in digital electro hip hop on ‘Computerised’, the liquid crystal smoothness of ‘Four Corners’, the Glitch Pop of ‘So Long’ and the spacey dub of ‘Between the Lines’.

There is a 30min Guest mix in there for good measure too which illustrate the groups influences..

KFMP:The Anti-Celebrity Show#7 – Thank You Machine by Kane Fm on Mixcloud

On the 18th December the Anti-Celebrity Show came with THE Christmas edition of the show and went back in time to 1987; DJ Errol Francis aka Dextrous started playing at parties and small clubs in 1987 and around this time he began putting his studio together all configured around the Atari 520STFM, Casio HT3000 keyboard, Casio CZ-101 Synth and a Yamaha TX7 Sound Module… He dropped his first record in 1992, on Ruff Quality Recordings (the sister label of Shut Up and Dance Records) entitled Ruffneck Biznizz which topped the Kiss FM House Charts) and was one of the precursors to the Jungle Scene, with its sped up breakbeats and reggae/dub bass-lines

KFMP:The Anti-Celebrity Show#6 – DJ Dextrous by Kane Fm on Mixcloud

Kenni Wenna joins the Waffle boys Paul and Jhon on their Saturday morning breakfast show live from 08:00 till 11:00 (GMT) Rediscovered after 15 years, Kenni Wenna’s tale behind his new album Real Liteis truly one of triumph over adversity.

As a busker in the mid-90’s, Kenni was spotted by an independent Manchester record label who were quick to offer him the chance to record a demo. His intelligent blend of diverse musical elements, as well as his soulful vocals, drew the label to him. Unfortunately, the label hit financial problems soon after and Kenni was thrust back into his normal life. Some 15 years later, as fate would have it, the previous label owners found Kenni’s demo in their garage and were encouraged to get in touch with him. Finding an address for the songwriter, the people immediately sent a letter. Kenni, who by this time was unemployed, had hit upon hard times and was facing imminent eviction. With the bailiffs on his case, Kenni was only returning to his house on the odd occasion but luckily managed to pick up the letter. Fast forward to now and Kenni has secured a record deal worth £250k, which is being released through inspired label, The Wenna Project.

KFMI: Kenni Wenna by Kane Fm on Mixcloud

Jonathan Hennessey-Brown graduated from the Royal College of Music with Honours in 1997. He has worked with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, Oxford Philharmusica, founded the ‘Hennessey Quartet ‘ and toured with 4 Hero.

KFMI: Jonathan Hennessey-Brown by Kane Fm on Mixcloud

Choci ROC return; the Team Robbo Show with guests MARE 139 and Keen ROC. MARE 139 started his writing career on the IRT division in the South Bronx during the late 1970s. During his career MARE focused on the more creative aspects of graffiti. In addition to producing collaborative works with his brother KEL 139. He’s painted with artists such as SHY 147 (rip), DONDI (rip), MIN ONE, DURO ONE and others. MARE branched out to Brooklyn to assist in the CIA and TKA crew’s creative take over of the BMT division’s Js, LLs and Ms in 1978.

MARE interpreted his experience with subway painting into a new direction such as sculpture and digital art. In the 1980s MARE broke new ground by produce sculptures in metal. These sculptures were extensions upon the wild styled lettering he learned on the transit system.

MARE has also experimented with digital interpretations of his art. He initiated the online style battle MARE 139 vs. The World.