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Liquid Bloom – The Culture and Community Show

Liquid Bloom

Offering journeys through dreamscapes, enlightenment and the subconscious, former Desert Dwellers producer Armani Friend’s visionary side-project, Liquid Bloom, is said to prompt “intentional expeditions of inner growth” within listeners.

Friend’s combination of field recordings, ceremonial instrumentation, and down-tempo soundscapes allow his music to be the perfect accompaniment to meditation, yoga, bodywork and artistic creation.

His work, under the alias Liquid Bloom, unites various aspects of his renowned career. Through decades of studio production and live presence in the electronic scene, to his work with the Moontribe Collective, to his explorations with layered sound design. The project also focuses on creating a spacious sonic experience inspired by the resonance of the world’s ancient lineages.

On April 22nd, better known as Earth Day, Friend revealed his new album, Re.Generations to the world.

Drawing on Peruvian ritual song, nature sounds, Armenian Duduk and various other worldly avenues all hinged together with a lyrically meditative guidance, Re.Generations is described by Friend as “a dedication and celebration of this precious world we live in”.

With artists Poranguí, Deya Dova, Arsen Petrosyan, Ixchel Prisma, Rara Avis, Shamans Dream, and Numatik featuring throughout, the ensemble seamlessly transport you to a mindset of sonic meditation and infusion of nature – to feel a primal connection to Earth.

Amani’s sonic offerings provide a self-confessed “journey into the imaginative realms of movement and sound”.


written by Gino Franks – University of Crative Arts