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Naibu – Silent Dust

Naibu remixes “Population, Me” and “My Only Option” by Silent Dust featuring Self Says and Jon 1st. Hailing from the suburbs of Paris, Naibu’s been releasing drum n bass music for almost a decade on labels as diverse as Creative Source, Soul:r, Horizons Music and Paradox Music.

Gaining radio support from the likes of Fabio, London Elektricity and Goldie along the way, his music has always tried to reach beyond just dnb and as such is also regularly featured in eclectic DJs like Laurent Garnier’s playlists.

Ever evolving, Naibu’s sound is a melting pot of past and present influences, ranging from the stripped down aesthetics of Photek, to the electronic infused sound of New Wave, aiming to function as a carrier for emotion and storytelling in a musical form.

Introducing SelfSays, known to friends and family as Charles A. Vann. This writer, rapper and music producer has been developing his music craft over the last seven years. Coming from the same Michigan scene that birthed Slum Village, One Be Lo, Finale and Invincible, Mayer Hawthorne and many other talented acts, SelfSays’s take on hip hop is one that incorporates the genre’s roots with a decidedly futuristic twist. The result of which can be heard on his debut EP Something out of Nothing.