103.7 FM

The Citizens Choice

rigsThe original concept was conceived as a pirate station back in the early 90’s; there was no platform for local people to promote a brand new form of music;

The name Kane was influenced by the Orson Welles classic ‘Citizen Kane’. The film is about how an idealistic social service gradually develops into a ruthless pursuit of power. At the time traditional radio was unapproachable and would never broadcast the type of music we liked. In August 2004 project ‘KANE UK’ was granted a 28-day RSL (Restricted Service License) to broadcast to Guildford and the surrounding areas. This was used to demonstrate the need for the service.

Kane FM broadcasts out of Surrey Uni on 103.7 FM / Kanefm.com. It’s not just a radio station; it is a movement for people who live and breathe an out of the ordinary culture.

Jazz / Electronica / Hip Hop / Techno / Dnb / Dub / Soundtracks / Funk / Soul / House / Roots & Culture