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Samantha On Her Work Experience

I came to Kane FM on work experience from Kings College; I have learnt a lot since I have been here. I learnt about radio studio equipment this included that the sound levels on a live broadcast have to be between 4 and 5; I also learnt how to use a launchpad and I produced a piece of music by using this- it produces a number of different beats and sounds.
I also learnt how to mix using Virtual DJ this involved matching different beats and how to fade two songs together. I took part live on Kane FM and introduced some tracks and learnt how to line up the music for the whole 2 hour show. I found out about the bpm for certain tracks in certain genres. At first I was really nervous, but this built up my confidence dramatically and it has helped me so much. I came to Kane last October and I have met so many wonderful, supportive people. I am currently working towards my Explore Arts Award. I have definitely enjoyed my time at Kane and it has inspired me so much I am now definitely thinking of going on to college.

Written by Samantha Jones – Kings College
Kane Youth Projects is sponsored by Project Aspire, The High Sheriff and Guildford Borough Council