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Tropical Twista Records – Brazil/Portugal

Tropical Twista Records is a net-label that was created with the intention to show and spread the experimental and ethnic electronic music of artists from Brazil, South America and around the globe. With almost two years of action it has already released 4 compilations; 18 EPs; 1 single and more than 100 artists; most of them Brazilians. The predominant musical styles of the record company can be described as a mix of world, ethnic and folk electronic music by synthetizing regional sounds with digital culture.
Formed by Felipe M. Delgado, (Founder/owner artistic creator); Agatha Barbosa (visual and artistic curator) and Andre Torres master engineer. The label’s focus is to promote independent and culturally strong artists. For this reason Tropical Twista has the basic principle of releasing in Free Download format, so people can have more access to this kind of information and culture. The net-label is always maintaining high quality and seeking the discovery of new talents, in order to encourage new and future music producers.

Kane FM’s Culture and Community Show will be playing new release
ElPeche – Rosas Bandidas; and January release GYRL – Mastodon (EXZ Remix); 2016 release Sonikgroove – Chineke me Feat. Flybiz (DJ Nirso Remix); Kraut – Sin Fronteras, also this year’s release this coming Monday March 20th at the usual time of 1-3pm, so tune in with Mother Hen and Mary.




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+351 969 281 804