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Volunteer – Joining In & Time Banks

This week in The Culture and Community show, playing tracks from array of artists including, OTT, Halfred, Erothyme, Symbolico to Psicodelia Experimental (Merkaba Music) to talking to and an interview from David Rose about community projects happening in the Guildford area. David talks about Voluntary Action Southwest Surrey which is a bureau where people can get involved in volunteering at ie. Charity shops, youth groups and many more; there are opportunities of volunteering for all ages.
Dave states “we help people do something for their community and it’s a great experience, it helps out if you are preparing yourself for the workplace too. Work experience always looks great for Universities and Colleges who love to see it on your CV” Getting stuck in is also a good way to meet a lot of people along the way who could help network for future career aspirations. There is also another program called the ‘Joining In Project’ which supports small groups, helps run and promote and lets people know and be aware of what they could get involved with including local areas such as Bellfields, Slyfield and Ash.
As an example ‘Rhythm Of Life’ is a community choir that has been out together, now for 3 years. It’s a wonderful way for building community spirit and bringing people together.
There is a conference on April the 4th at University Of Surrey where a group of people network for a day about sharing thoughts on community issues and listen to speakers and take part in workshops. Unfortunately it’s full up this year but there’s always next year to take part.
Guildford Time Bank is another offshoot of the organization and is run based on an UK Model. This is where someone has a particular skill and some time to help others in that certain thing and through doing this contributes to the ‘Bank’. It’s just a friendly gesture for that person but can make a huge difference. It’s rather like swapping skills and time as a currency. Search Guildford Time Bank for more information and the links below to get involved today